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Since 2010
more than 1997 authors
have published their
research on the pages of the journal

All articles, submitted to International Humanitarian University Herald. “Philology”, are subjected to peer review procedure.

An author sends the article to an editorial board that meets the requirements of the journal and rules of articles preparation for publication. Manuscripts that do not meet accepted requirements are not allowed for further consideration.

Members of the editorial board of the journal act as reviewers of articles.

The review is conducted confidentially following the principles of double-blind review (double “blind” review, where neither the author nor the reviewer know each other). The interaction between the author and the reviewers occurs by correspondence via e-mail through the responsible secretary of the journal.

After final analysis of the article, the reviewer gives the final recommendations. The editorial by e-mail informs the author of the review results: accepted for publication, accepted for publication with remarks, rejected.

Responsibilities and obligations of reviewers

A reviewer assists the editorial board to decide whether an article will be published or not. In addition, the reviewer helps the author to correct and improve his work.

Any scientific work subjected to review is considered as a confidential document that is not discussed with third parties.

Reviewing is always carried out objectively. Personal criticism of the authors is unacceptable. Reviewers should express their views clearly with constructive remarks and tips.